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About Saké and Rosie

We are crazy corgi siblings living in the east coast area. Our dream is to become the biggest corg-median duo! We think we’re half way there and will continue to work on our career with all of your support. 

Saké  — the older brother with giant ears and big paws.  Saké is named after Japanese rice wine, one of corgmom’s fav alcoholic beverage. He’s the chill guy of the house and very gentle with everything but “fetching”. Saké is a true fetch maniac and crazy about any sort of “ball play”.  He is very affectionate and loves getting scratches on the couch with pawrents. Saké is also a sloth-like corgo who’s lazy as furk and constantly getting fooled by his sister Rosie.

Rosie — our sassy little biich and the youngest in the house, she’s a valentine fur-baby born on Feb.14th!!! That’s why we named her Rosie (from Rose and Rosé, Rosé - another corgmom’s fav alcoholic beverage.) Rosie is a smart, brave, independent and energetic girl. Never get fooled by her little sweet face.

We’re so excited to leave our little stump-prints in the world and can’t wait to create more crazy memories with the human.

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